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Thomas Schobesberger also known under the alias TR TACTICS, was born and raised in the heart of Upper Austria.
TR TACTICS shot on to the radar after winning the DNBA “Optiv & BTK” remix competition with their unique version of “Ignition” feat. Ryme Tyme in the year 2013, which was the first of many musical entries into the scene.
After this initial success, many tunes followed detailing the constant sonic progress and the formation of the TR TACTICS signature dark sound!

Beside hitting dancefloors all over Europe with heavy loaded DJ mixes, TR TACTICS has released music on renowned labels like “Citrus”, “Mainframe”, “Addictive Behaviour”, “Disturbed”, as well as collaborations with names like “Burr Oak”, “The Clamps”, “Disphonia”, “Disaszt” and “Phentix”.
The most recent releases have been on French “Kosen Production”, Germany’s “Urge To Move” Records, ”Code Smell Music” and now even followed up by the heavyweights of the scene, like “Blackout”, “Eatbrain”, “Cause4Concern” and “Trendkill”.

Powerful & Steadfast, clearly destined to the heavier and darker territory of Drum & Bass is what TR TACTICS is all about!


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